Scam Warning: A letter to buyers

Recently, we have received brunch of feedback from reborn doll lovers, saying the dolls they purchased from other companies are not what picture shows in the website, which are mostly made by cheap plastic. 

We fully understand the anger of friends who experienced the scam and we do hope that these tips below can help.

1. Scam websites sell dolls with extremely low price. A 22 inch reborn baby doll cost only 60 bucks!! However, 60 bucks can only produce junk. This is ridiculous!!! Actually, it takes 1 to 2 months to create a reborn baby doll, including 15 complicated production processes, which is hard work for the artists and workers. Honestly, Materials like silicone would be incredibly expensive since we want to make every single reborn doll look more perfect. Therefore, be careful if a website's 22-inch doll is less than 60 bucks! You will most likely be disappointed!!

2. Scammers stole doll pictures from my webiste, and they keep copying the style and description or other details of my store. Thats why many of you got scammed!

3. They got no fans on their facebook and they never posted anything yet.

4. Scammers will not reply any DM and message.

IF ANY OF THOSE HAPPENS, JUST BE AWARE!!! We sincerely hope that everyone will receive the doll you love. 

What people recieved from scam website 👇👇👇